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Brainalytics helps Factoring providers to detect fraudulent credit applications and assess credit risk more precisely.




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Catana Capital

Catana Capital is a Frankfurt-based quantitative asset manager running a revolutionary new type of investment strategy.



0.0 is building AI powered customer service chatbot helping financial institutions to provide a personalized banking experience.




cognaize specializes in AI-based processing of financial information. We have successfully developed solutions to process balance sheets and income statements fully automatically. Further, we are processing Trustee Reports of structured credit products, as well as invoices fully automatically. The pillars of these services is a secure Data Management, reliable Microservices, agile Data Science and fast Software Engineering.


CryptoCaptain navigates the crypto market and helps self-directed long-term investors to invest early in bull markets and stay safe from bear markets based on AI-powered sentiment analytics. CryptoCaptain is an early warning system, opening the new asset class of cryptocurrencies to even the most conservative investors by helping them control the strong ups and downs of the market. CryptoCaptain sends out to its users concrete and actionable recommendations on market timing via email and other channels.

Datago Technology

Datago Technology Limited was co-founded by computer scientists and business school professors in 2016 . Datago focuses on the Chinese/Hong Kong securities market, and provide valuable and actionable information to financial services clients. In particular, Datago aims to leverage the AI and big data technology to collect and analyze various and chaotic data sources about the securities market , including financial news, social posts, company announcement, etc.

Decision Critical

Decision Critical is a dynamic, cloud-based business modeling tool that is unique in its comprehensiveness.

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