About Us

We are an international team of FinTech founders, experts & investors from Almaty, Amsterdam, Doha, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Kigali, Seoul, Singapore, Tel Aviv, Vienna, and Vilnius.

All our partners are FinTech founders themselves, investors, or experts and have an excellent knowledge of their local ecosystems.

We support FinTech companies in raising capital and expanding globally.

We do so by providing research & market studies. And we introduce them to investors, clients, partners, and peers.

We have specialized in European, Asian, and African markets.

We help European and African FinTech companies enter Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore, and Kazakhstan, five leading Asian FinTech hubs, and do business in Israel, Qatar, and the U.A.E.

Furthermore, we support Asian and African FinTech companies in getting started in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and South-East Europe.

We bring corporates together with FinTech companies in the most innovative cities worldwide.

We support them in scouting for innovation and managing their digital transformation processes.

Hong Kong

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We support FinTech companies in expanding globally.