Our Cooperation Partners

Contextual Solutions is a Berlin-based Consultancy, Coaching, and Publication Agency specializing in FinTech and LegalTech. Through our business coaching, we help entrepreneurs, SMEs, and corporations.

Mangusteen is your trusted marketing & events partner. We help you achieve your goals through innovation & digital transformation.

Pitch Media is a boutique public relations and storytelling firm promoting technology-oriented businesses in the Israeli market.

We provide a most complete database of the technology markets, start-ups, and VC deals across Eurasia. Our tools include scouting, market research, market entry strategy, startup valuation, and due diligence.

Vangavis is a company that supports innovation and helps companies promote their innovative products and services in German-speaking markets. With locations in Sofia and Vienna, Vangavis acts as a bridge between Eastern and Central Europe.


The FinTech Association of Hong Kong is an independent, not-for-profit, membership-based association representing Hong Kong’s FinTech community. The aim is to unite the Hong Kong FinTech industry and ecosystem in order to elevate Hong Kong’s status as a FinTech hub.