Do you want to expand your FinTech business to China, Asia’s largest market?

We support you in starting successfully in China:

  • Researching the Chinese FinTech market
  • Setting up and running a Chinese subsidiary on behalf of you
  • Advising you on funding and government support
  • Introducing you to key decision-makers in China’s FinTech community
  • Finding the right location for your office in China
  • Supporting marketing and sales initiatives
  • Identifying and facilitating pitching opportunities
  • Evaluating and recommending accelerator & incubator programs
  • Translating documents and marketing materials
  • Advising you on legal and tax matters via our Chinese partners

Advantages of FinTech in China

Mainland China is by far the largest retail market for FinTech. New payment services like Alipay of Ant Financial or WeChat Pay have revolutionized payments beyond the Chinese borders. Furthermore, there are heavyweights like Lufax, a subsidiary of Ping An Insurance or ZhongAn offering P2P-lending, insurance, and other financial services via mobile.

Not only Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen, but many more second-tier cities offer first-class infrastructure, modern FinTech spaces and a strong pool of IT talents. More and more people from the FinTech communities understand English. But for establishing a business or subsidiary in China, you still require Chinese natives.

FinTech in China is still dominated by payment services. Wealth management and financing/lending follow by far. Valuations of many FinTech companies have skyrocketed, leading to a high number of so-called unicorns in China. Starting in China with a sound business plan and a strong team offers great opportunities in following that trend.

While FinTech in Europe is mainly driven by close cooperation between FinTechs and incumbent banks and insurances, you experience true disruptions in China.

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We support you in starting successfully in China.